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Valve guide insert


valve guide insert for engines

A valve seat is a very vital part of an engine. Along with the Valves they seal off the combustion chamber of cylinder head. Valve seat inserts have significantly gained in importance with an era of using aluminum cylinder head.

Valve Seat Insert Manufacturers

Power Industries offers quality Valve Seats made from combination of exclusive wear resistant and high thermal conductivity materials, and close web geometry. For Manufacturer of Valve Seat, It is essential to chose correct material based on the application in order to resist high temperatures, stress and corrosive gases and compounds. As per customer requirement, we can offer various chromium based alloy steel to customers for their required valve seat inserts.

Production Capacity 1.2 million pieces per annum
Size Range (In mm) -
Bore Diameter 46.00 to 222.25
Total Length 150.00 to 330
Finishes Semi-finished & Fully-finished
Chemical Composition ( Name ) Minimum Maximum
Chromium 0.25 0.50
Carbon 3.00 3.50
Silicon 2.00 2.50
Manganese 0.50 0.80
Phosphorus 0.30 0.50
Sulphur - 0.05

Inspection & Quality Program

Valve guide insert for engines

O.D. Roundness :

O. D. to Bottom Face Perpendicularity :

Seat Surface Gauge Height :

Seat Surface Finish :

Seat Surface Run-out to Bottom Face & OD :


We manufacture valve seat insert for following different applications.

  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Light Dhuty Vehicles
  • Tractors & Farm Equipment
  • Passenger Cars
  • Two & Three Wheelers
  • Stationary Diesel Engines
  • Marine Engines
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Earth Moving Equipment